Character Creation

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Character Creation

Post by Admin on Sun May 24, 2015 5:06 am

Name(Last, then first):

Physical Description:



---Magic Typing---


Mana Type:

Mage Type:



General Rundown for your Magic:

---Genetic Magic History---
Mom(If Any):
Dad(If Any):
Siblings(If Any):

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Re: Character Creation

Post by Kizuro on Sun May 24, 2015 5:13 am

Name(Last, then first): Velin, Kizuro
Age(12-18): 17
Race: Elvan
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Physical Description: An average human swathed in dark leather and large bubble like containers connected to his body supplying fresh water from a tank on his back, his face is covered in several bubbles roughly shaped like a smiling face or drama humor mask.

Personality:Jovial with all considered around his bodies condition. His voice being filled with bubbly replies he seems almost of Germanic decent.

Background: He grew up akin to his family, his mother specialized in magic involving water breathing without the use of any gills. His father, who was deceased had once focused on magic akin to the act of drawing water from the air and even living things if he wished. this made his childhood as the first born child a treacherous one due to the purebred nature of his two parents and the anger of the two idealist pure families they hailed from. when he was 10, a rouge wave pulled him under holding him until near death, at this time his awakening happened but because of its prematurity it would only worsen over time. He only recently found out that was his awakening and began his journey to learn control of his inherited magic.

---Magic Typing---
Archetype: H2O
Mana Type:Corporeal
Mage Type: Expert
Production: Elemental
-Formality: Neutral

-Placement: H2O

General Rundown for your Magic: The ability to breath, and dry water from surfaces uncontrollably at current.  This was caused by a near death experience with a rouge wave  pulling him out at a young age, he likely truly awakened then at age 10 but was unaware.

---Genetic Magic History---
Mom(If Any): Aqua-Breathing or gill like magic without the use of actual gills. (Pure Lineage.)
Dad(If Any): Drawing of h20 from nearby area or objects. (Pure Lineage.)
Siblings(If Any): Varying degrees of water breathing, and controlled Hydro Manipulation but weaker than the reckless version Kizuro possesses. (Dirty little Half-breeds.)

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Re: Character Creation

Post by murffthesurff on Sun May 24, 2015 6:31 am

Name(Last, then first):Xanthippus of Carthage
Race: Human
Sexuality: Either A or Straight, (depends on how much ale is in his system)

Physical Description:An average height, but muscularly built human. He wears Spartan style armor without a helm and carries a spear on his persons at all times that shortens into a short sword(its like a giant butterfly knife, but a spear). His skin is an almost golden bronze and he has black hair and stunning green eyes.

Personality:He doesn't much like to play around. When it comes to working he's very serious and has a hard time loosening up. He works hard because his father expects much of him and he mustn't disappoint his father for it would bring shame upon the town of Carthage. But when it comes to partying after a large victory his personality is completely different, he becomes a party animal and will hit on anything with boobs and a pulse. He can have fun when he isn't focused on working but he tends to only focus on work as to meet his fathers expectations so very seldom does he show these character traits.

BACKGROUND He grew up as the cheif's son. There were very high expectations put onto him from a quite young age. He selected a weapon to be trained with at the age of five choosing the Switch Spear, and at the age of 12 mastered the use of it. A year later he awoke to his powers and spent everyday for the next 5 years training to master them, still having very little success with his powers. Because of this his father is ashamed of him and he is constantly trying to prove himself. His physical condition is great but his control over the powers he has are very sketchy. When he gets furious his control over his father's given gift is better. But only when hes completely calm can he control the abilities handed down by his mother. The symbol of their town is the mighty Phoenix because of his family's long line of fire magic.

---Magic Typing---
Production Category: Specialist
Archetype: Phoenix
Mana Type:Destructive
Mage Type:Manipulator
Essence Type:
Formality: Neutral
Placement: Balance Between Rage and Calm

General Rundown for your Magic: He has both the abilities of his mother in father. The rage produced enhance of strength and speed and the ability to produce flames. The catch is his flames can only extend up to 10 feet currently and his flames will only manifest when he is calm. He cannot find a way to use both of his abilities simultaneously. He can unconsciously uses the steroid when he is angry and he can control the flames when calm.

---Genetic Magic History---
Mom(If Any): Could produce flames from her body. (Pure lineage)
Dad(If Any): Rage induced enhanced strength and speed. (Pure lineage)
Siblings(If Any): A Brother (12 years of age) who has little to no control over his powers, when he trows temper tantrums he turns into a tiny ball of flames that runs around destroying things.


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Re: Character Creation

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