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Magic is diverse and is highly unique from person to person.

Magic however can be classified, two major categories with sub categories will add up to a Characters magic information.

Production Category: This is the general focus and preview of a Characters magic. It will set the stage and build the foundation.
Characters can have be listed in these five subcategories.
1 Elemental: This is relatively simple, a person can use or control certain elements in a certain way.

2 Surrealistic: This bend the laws of reality around a person, whether it be speed manipulation, impact control, split bodies. It warps what is considered normal to their will.

3 Law/Rule Based: This follows a combination of laws or rules the magic of the Character has applied to them. It might be balance of weight and speed, usually has a set of rules needed to be followed to work in specific mannerisms.

4 Reverential: This uses emotions and the mind as a tool of magic, it can be illusions, rage, enhancement and a lot of other things.

5 Specialist: This is a person who can be either labeled in to a multiple categories or be its own category which is unlisted.

Labled Categories: This is a person labeled attributes of magic, how they produce and are schooled in magic.

Archetype: This is a representation of self, It can be any rule, Animal, or Ideal.

Mana Type: This is the Characters school of magic, it decides what classes they have and who their teacher is.
1 Destructive: Magic is volatile and dangerous, tends to be powerful and hard to control.

2 Evasive: Magic is internalized and close proximity, tends to improve the user.

3 Supportive: Magic is regenerative and vitalized, tends to be helpful to people.

4 Summonive: Magic is unpredictable, tends to be able to summon unique minions.

5 Materialistive: Magic is represented by a choice material, tends to able to manipulate said material

6 Incursive: Magic is input into nearby things, tends to place magics into anything.

7 Corporeal: Magic is able to alter the area and objects near the Character.

Mage Type:

Booster- Boosts features about touchable objects

Enchanter-Adds features to objects.

Burster-Fires projectiles or other means of energy.

Manipulator-Manipulates purposes and feature.

Creator-Can create objects.

Changer-Changes things going on.

Alchemiter- Can transmute materials, energy, and objects into other materials, energy, and objects.

Mutator- Morphs and mutates things to have innate

Balancer- Has an internal balance which has certain effects based on things.

Expert- Is unabled to be labeled by other Categories or falls under too many categories.

Essence Type: This represents the type of energy they have, energy is unique to each person but similarities are met.
There are two things a Essence is made of, their Formality, and their Placement.

Formality is the type of essence one has, it determines the general gist of how it works.

Common formality types:
King: The more magic users around the user, the stronger their essence becomes.
Queen: Shittier the situation, stronger the essence.
Immortal: Low essence cap, high essence regen.
Jolly: High essence cap, Boosted regen. All spells can fail, FLW roll required.
Zealot: Opposite of queen.
Proud: Essence cap very high, very low regen.
Neutral: No changes.

Formalities can be differed, explain in your charater for a unique one.

A placement determines if your Essence requires other things to be worked. Such as an item, a situation, or other means.
If it doesn't have one it will be average strength, but if it does it could have immense strength.


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